Su ingeniería de recursos naturales
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SEDUCO is an independent engineering and technical consulting company. It mainly operates in the technological industrial sector and energy supply. Its aim is the sustainable implementation of existing and proven technologies based on bioproducts that will be used to contribute to the global energy diversity. We work with different companies that offer those services.


The main point of our services is integral engineering. The complete project management from the initial feasibility study of the idea to the final documentation of the work. Including, apart from the drafting of projects and technical documents, the process of licenses from government agencies, RFP between contractors and installers, and all the services you require.

What we offer

Get full solutions in bioenergy technologies sustainable development as a solution for customers in its supply chain. Our will, experience and, the most important,  a team willing to work with our clients to obtain sustainable products as sources of clean energy.


Seduco team has highly qualified and constantly trained professionals, full-time and free professionals which perform specific collaborations, in order to give a more comprehensive and integrated service to our customers.

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Seduco Group

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